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Red Zone Play: Regression To The Mean For Deshaun
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ARGOMENTO: Red Zone Play: Regression To The Mean For Deshaun

Red Zone Play: Regression To The Mean For Deshaun 7 Mesi fa #5884

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Former NFL superstar wide receiver Cris Carter and former Houston sports talk radio personality Nick Wright recently had a debate on their daily TV show , offering up a sort of point/counter-point on just what Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson will do in 2018. If you haven’t seen the tape on this one, check it out:This debate got me wondering what the rest of the BRB illuminati had to say about it, so I tossed the video and the question of what we should expect out of DW4 in Year Two out to my fellow mastheadians. BFD:Rivers McCown:Luke Beggs:Kenneth:Tim:My .02 Cents...Both Cris Carter and Nick Wright make valid arguments for and against Deshaun Watson’s ability to continue roasting the NFL in his second season. Carter’s point about the league adjusting to what to the game film they have on DW4 shows them is dead on. History is littered with stories of quarterbacks who had early success and got anointed by the media as the next Hall of Fame QB (Colin Kaepernick, anyone?), only to have that success drop off a cliff once the spotlight focused on ‘em over an offseason. On the flip side, I watched Watson at Clemson, just as Wright did Youth Kareem Jackson Jersey , and I saw a guy who was utterly amazing.
While the “lack of quick release/pitch speed” thing shook my pre-draft resolve, Watson proved me and everyone else wrong last year. And, after shaking his hand and looking him dead in the eye, I saw a champion looking for a place to win. The third component of this debate is the supporting cast. If the Texans’ defense as a whole and the offensive line can improve from last year, Watson delivering 75% of what he brought in his last four games last year will be more than enough for the Texans to go deep into the playoffs. If not, DW4 will either get hurt again or see one of his best years wasted, just like J.J. Watt did a few seasons ago. What do you think? Side with Carter? Wright? Neither? Let us know your take on this and how you see 2018 shaping up for #DW4 in the comments section. The Dolphins are heading into town to challenge the Texans tonight. The winner will sit 5-3 and the loser will end up 4-4 , but there’s more at stake here than a score. The Dolphins are a team in turmoil (WR DeVante Parker’s agent has labeled head coach Adam Gase “incompetent”), travelling on a short week. The Texans are less in turmoil (haven’t heard of pitchforks being wielded around the O’Brien residence), but are still working with an iffy offensive line and a quarterback who is playing through some injuries (getting mauled weekly will do that to you). If the Texans can get through tonight relatively healthy, they’ve got a mini-bye, followed by two road games and a three-game homestead coming up. Getting through this stretch of the season and building on successes can be vital to how the team’s record in December ends up.Share your thoughts on the Texans and/or Dolphins in the space below while we wait for the first quarter thread to post at 7:05 p.m. CDT.
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